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ULTIMO IMPERIO is an international digital marketing agencyOur ability to move digital marketing boundaries and challenge the status quo lies in a deep understanding of the behavior of digital users and in providing an effective and measurable approach to digital marketing for our customers. We are focused on measuring, analyzing and optimizing - to reach the best results!


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Website is currently updating! For all your questions we are available at our e-mail address : info@ultimoimperio.com


We are a dedicated team, passionate about making your dreams a reality.

"I am dedicated to making you happy about the product that you get from my company because it's so great. I promise you will be pleased!"
- Frank Basefield

Our Head Honchos

These Guys Run the Place

Vladimir Lazarevski

Vladimir Lazarevski
CEO/Co-Owner/Designer/MSc of Marketing

Camilla Rizzo

Camilla Rizzo
CEO/Co-Owner/Master of Interior Design



Our Dedicated Team

Of Awesome Masters of Design & Marketing

Katja Intihar

Katja Intihar
Marketing Manager/MSc of Marketing


Ana Valentič
Lead Designer

Nadezhda Marimon

Nadezhda Marimon
Content Manager & Head of the office in Ukraina

Ariana Likar

Ariana Likar
Digital Marketing Director


We want to hear from you!

ULTIMOIMPERIO is a diverse team of individuals, each with its own superpower. We are playful, high-spirited, inquisitive, curious, silly, hard-working, tenacious, efficient, humble, ambitious, passionate, flexible, honest and fun. With us you will never get bored, and you will not go hungry. We share a belief in digital and design, love of data and passion for everything we do. We want to know more. We measure, we analyze, we optimize, we deliver results. We question the status quo and pushing the limits of the digital.

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We love collecting Google certificates

At this moment, we have 4 certified Google Ads professionals, and 2 certified Google Analytics experts, which ranks us as one of the top digital agencies in the region. This gives us access to advanced tools and support from Google.


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